Extraordinary Approach

Kathy Thompson is a real estate professional with twenty years of experience in the New York market. In that time she has cultivated an extensive network of clients, some who have been with her since the beginning of her career. Such loyalty attests to her skill in this complex, ever-changing field.

Over the years her reputation for high-quality management of client properties has brought her a portfolio of devoted clients that run the gamut from individual investors to co-operative sponsors to large, overseas investors.

She began her career in the highly desirable Beekman and Sutton Place areas, but has since expanded her skills to encompass all Manhattan neighborhoods, east, west, north and south. She is also extremely adept at negotiating the challenges presented by residential co-op and condo sales as well as rentals. Kathy has an enviable record of representing both exclusive sellers and buyers. One of the secrets of her success is her refusal to be what she calls “a high pressure broker.” Rather, she says, “I realize that there is so much more than money invested by the client when making a real estate decision. I try to make every effort possible to produce the best results for them.”

Over the years her business has expanded from apartment rentals and sales to townhouse and building sales and a close connection with many foreign nation missions to the United Nations. Her reach has extended as far as home sales in the Hamptons as well as Florida.

The New York real estate profession attracts people from diverse educational backgrounds and Kathy is certainly no exception. In fact, she may be one of the few New York brokers who majored in veterinary medicine. “Four-legged clients can often be easier to negotiate with than two-legged clients, but then again, I like challenges,” she says.

Kathy’s alma mater is the University of Georgia, whose mascot is the bulldog, a nickname often affectionately used by clients to describe her tenacity in pursuing her clients’ goals.

Her Fortune 100 corporate executives consider her an incalculable asset throughout their corporate careers, whether it is in locating the perfect luxury rental to assisting the same executive through a successful purchase, she is there through every rung up the ladder.

In addition to serving her clients in the borough of Manhattan, Kathy is a founding member of The Brownsville Housing Development Corporation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to work effectively with the Brownsville community in order to identify needs in terms of affordable housing and community services.

She is also a founding member of The East Side Community Alliance in her Turtle Bay neighborhood, whose aim is improving the quality of life of the residents and businesses of the community through goal-setting and interaction within the neighborhood as well as through open dialogue with city, state and federal authorities.

Kathy is well known for her ‘movie nights’; which may not always be about viewing a movie but which is most definitely about people meeting and socializing, exchanging ideas, and developing friendships and associations. (And, occasionally, meeting that special person!)

She is the unofficial ‘organizer’ amongst friends: organizing activities all over the city and beyond; rounding up the gang, be it large or small, to participate in all kind of cultural events.